Frequently Asked Questions
About How TIMED Health will work in the Near Future

How does TIMED Health work?

It starts at the end of any healthcare encounter in their offices, clinics, hospitals, or online with the patient at home, school, work or during travel. Your Clinician when ePrescribing your regular medications will be provided the opportunity to also ePrescribe your Stored Timed NewMeds in Two-Day Supplies (singles or multiple units) sealed and labeled “store and start only when electronically authorized by your Clinician”. See Pricing page for more details.

What are the 4 TIMED VENUES for Consumers?

Home, school, work, travel.

What are the 4 TIMED VENUES for Professionals?

Home Hospital ER clinic.

Can TIMED Options be “designated and changed as needed”?


What is the simplest way of doing things in healthcare?

Use an affordable, monetized, and digital system that is functional 24/7. This is where new-to-the-patient telemedications come in, and why Timed Health has an innovative solution that works for both patients and doctors.

Who will get the best use from "Time of Day" AM and PM bundled meds?

For those taking multiple medications several times daily, they will get the best use out of our "Time of Day" bundled meds. This could be helpful looking to decelerate diabetes, for example.

Are there any downsides or risks to Time of Day AM and PM Bundled Meds?

Can be challenging to change the dose or frequency of one of the multiple medications sorted into morning noon afternoon and night-time dosing sacks containing all those medications ordered to be taken at that time of day, including on specific days of the month.

What is the “chip-labelled” containers Timed Meds programming feature?

Near Field Connectivity (NFC) chips on the medication container documents when a medication was taken by simply tapping the chip on an NFC reader (which most cellphones have) or on a Timed Health NFC Tracker Device. The chip also allows verification of the medication. This is helpful for starting a new medication kept in reserve, renewing or refilling standard maintenance medications.

Are all Timed Meds auto-tracking capable in chip-labeled containers?


Why use “instant-on-time” Stored Timed NewMeds?

These medications are patented to be predicted and provided in advance of expectable healthcare needs to be started as “instant-on-time therapies” when authorized by the patients' established physician. These medications in up to 30% of low-risk health care needs can convert an inconvenient and expensive run to the doctor, the ER, and the pharmacy into a scheduled more convenient telehealth visit at a more opportune and less expensive scheduled time.

What can you and Your Own Clinicians do with instant-on-time Stored Timed NewMeds?

When fully and well applied, the positive impact on your health is cumulative over weeks, months and years.

What is Timed Computed Information?

Intelligence derived from verified sources used to refine our software systems to reduce complex data to useful, simple to comprehend information for patients, payers, and physician users of Timed Health.

Why doesn’t one solution fit all Patients and Professionals?

There is much in common for patients, payers, and physicians. But even small percentage differences can be meaningful in how healthcare is best implemented for the individual.

RPI Relative Price Index medications prescribed or ordered are shown with comparable medication priced as a multiple of the medication prescribed. For example, medication A is $0.50 per dose and medication B is $0.75 per dose. RPI for B is 1.5