The Timed Health® Process

How It Will Soon Work

  • Standard health insurance and standard co-pays will cover your STANDARD medications, excluded are Stored Timed NewMeds.
  • Purchase your physician's prescribed medications by eCommerce, and receive by mail, or may picked-up at your physician’s offices.
  • Pricing

  • New "Stored Timed NewMeds" are not covered by insurance, are provided as prescribed “to open and start when authorized” by your physician.
  • Provided in sealed 1 to 7-day generic medication supplies starting at $ 15 and payments are deferable using "Timing Rewards" from repeat purchases.
  • Eligible for up to 100% discounts through a Timed Health Membership.
  • Timed Health will help physicians to "accelerate therapies to decelerate diseases"
    EARLIER Healthcare is perhaps the most commonly needed IMPORTANT Healthcare

    Timed Health focuses on physician controlled predicting and providing new medication and AI therapies for treating the onset of new low-cost low-risk changes in health to help prevent progression to high-cost high-risk
    Timed Health Patented Feasible Peer-Reviewed Mass Market Preventive Healthcare Technologies enabling
    "EARLIER Healthcare Therapeutics"
    "EARLIER Telemedications Therapeutics"
    "EARLIER TeleHealthcare Therapeutics"
    The Polar Opposite to Prior Unprovable Attempts at "EARLIER Healthcare Blood Diagnostics"