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Your Money, Time And Future Are Too Precious To Deplete
On Non-Empowering Wellness Programs.

You Pay High Dollars, and You Do Most Of The Work,
With Not Much, Too Often Nothing In Return.

A Wellness Program For Too Many People
Simply Doesn't Work Well

While Timed Health Can Work Well

"With all due respect to History teachers, people generally give events that have yet to come more value than those that have already happened. This way of thinking is far from illogical; the future is never certain and can always change while the past remains the same. But some new experiments show that people tend to place more value on events in the future, even when it’s completely irrational." According to psychologists Eugene Caruso of Graduate School of Business of the University of Chicago, Daniel Gilbert of Harvard University, and Timothy Wilson of the University of Virginia. Source: www.PyschologicalScience.org

"We live in a time when independent critical thinking is essential," says Blake Gossard in a recent post. Flaws and failures in the fields of medicine and science lead to wrong reports on the effectiveness of new therapies based on "publish or perish" and nonprofit is the norm.


Workplace Wellness Programs Really Don’t Work They aren’t saving money or making employees healthier, a new study finds. By Rebecca Greenfield January 26, 2018

It turns out that those most likely to take advantage of their employer’s wellness offerings are healthy people who don’t spend a lot on health care, and employees with the highest health-care costs are the least likely to participate. Surveys the researchers offered enrollees also found that wellness had no impact on job satisfaction or productivity.

Despite questions as to whether wellness programs actually work, companies are still pouring money into them. The industry ballooned from a $1 billion one in 2011 to $6.8 billion five years later, according to an IBIS World analysis, and last year, almost a quarter of employers boosted their wellness offerings, the Society of Human Resource Management found in its yearly benefits survey.

"14 Reasons Many Corporate Health and Wellness Programs Fail" Dr. Steve Aldana May 21, 2020.